Monday, July 9, 2018

Heyo! Today the first to arise for rounds were Olivia, Davis, and Paul... the rest of the team took some well needed rest until we all convened for a community health meeting. This was an interesting experience because our boy Ruben had a thick accent and a soft voice (plus most of the kids were heavy eyed... ugg teenagers). But for what we could hear, it was amazing to see how the Kenyans are being active in advancing their community. He hit on all the major issues in the communities and how they are working on fixing them. The coolest thing was hearing about the H2O for life projected that last year's 6th graders funded. After the meeting the team split up into two groups. Olivia, Davis, and Molly (this chick needs to leave the hospital already) stayed back and watched surgery.  Lexi, Jackson, Annie, Mel, and Angela Many loaded up in a van and ventured to Kapkemoi (the school of which the money went to in order to build improved water systems and latrines for the kids... Shout out to Hayden Brady and Charlotte Cole for their contributions!!). But they say it is not the destination but the journey... because on the way to the school, they drifted a little to hard and popped a tire. This ended up being beneficial, because Jackson got to earn some manhood points while changing the tire. But after a bit of a TIREing start, the team got to the school and were welcomed by singing children. They got to see all the advancements made at the school and how our own fundraising can make a difference across the world. The team mentioned how polite all the kids were and they all sent greetings to Tennessee.

Back at the hospital, Dr. Brady was hard at work. Davis got to see a kidney removal while Olivia and Molly were on a wild goose hunt for Paul... the two finally found him and got to see a interesting surgery consisting of three fractures in the same arm (Molly needs to take anatomy because the "Omal" is not a bone in the forearm apparently). This was a cool surgery though because Dr. Brady and Dr. Mandela (a native surgeon) were working at the same time on the same arm... Go efficiency! Then it was time for lunch where the kids learned very fast not to flush paper towels down the toilet.

Then the two teams reunited for a chill evening back at the crib. We hit up the local Duka (little stand/shop) and we all bought some goods (mom I hope you need coasters). The vender, James, became a close friend and gave us a "friend price". Then we ate din din and debriefed and now we are all hanging out playing hand and foot ( The longest, yet best card game out there that does not involve amputated limbs.. unlike two nights ago). 

Sending prayers and love (and hugs mom, they do not fall over)

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